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British numerologist Cheiro, the father of modern Chaldean numerology, has set up a system that is mainly used today: Chaldean numerology table (by Cheiro) The Chaldean numerologists are not unanimous in assigning numerological values ​​of letters.For example, Walter Gibson, Cheiro's younger English contemporary, attributed different numbers to some of the letters (X=6, C=2, H=8, CH=8, TH=9).The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools are the most widely used.

Q1: If in a certain language A is coded as 1, B is coded as 2, and so on, how is B I D D I C coded in that code? Q2: If P A I N T is coded as 74128 and E X C E L is coded as 93596, then how would you encode A C C E P T?

a) 294493 b) 284563 c) 375582 d) 394492 Answer: As given the letters are coded as: A B C D E F G H I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 So, in B I D D I C, B is coded as 2, I as 9, D as 4, and C as 3. (L Tax, 1996) a) 455978 b) 547978 c) 554978 d) 735961 Answer: Clearly, in the given code, the alphabets are coded as follows : P A I N T E X C E L 7 4 1 2 8 9 3 5 9 6 So, in A C C E P T.

This numerology alphabet has different values ​​(from Cheiro's) for four letters/sounds: H, S, T, and E.

I replaced the Hebrew letter he (with value 5) with a more appropriate het (value 8); the Hebrew letter sin (value 3) with sameh (value 6); and the Hebrew tav (value 4) with letter tet (value 9).

Q1: In a certain code, 2 is coded as P, 3 as N, 9 as Q, 5 as R, 4 as A and 6 as B. a) E I I D B C b) R Q P A N B c) E I M D B C d) R Q Q A P N e) R P P B Q N Answer: Clearly, as given 5 is coded as R, 9 as Q, 4 as A, 2 as P and 3 as N. a) R P P E O b) R O P E A c) P O E A R d) P A R E O e) None of these Answer: Clearly, in the given figures, the numbers are coded as follows: 3 4 5 6 1 2 R O P E A L Thus, 5 is coded as P, 4 as O, 6 as E, 1 as A and 3 as R.

In Microsoft Excel, the well-known and widely used spreadsheet software, you can use letters to represent values.

The candidate is required to analyse the code as per the directions in the questions.

Let us see some examples that will help us get a better understanding of this concept.

I'm not proficient in Python syntax but I know this can be done.

How to calculate the numerological meaning of your name? First you need to know the numeric values ​​of all the letters in the alphabet.


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