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In a comedy,the characters are insignificant and laughable.

But there is alo an exposure of flaw in characters and renewal of life and towards the end all obstructions and conflicts are ressolved.

AS you like it is a comedy in the presence of Touchstone, the court's clown.

Touchstone's foolishness is remarkable by the 'audience' but his neutral judgement is a vital part also. it may include jovial themes, love themes, comic themes and so on.

It was in the 16th Century that there became an increased sense of self consciousness and identity....

[tags: Shakespeare, disguise, As You Like It, ] - Aging In the Reanissance and As You Like It Life starts upon the exit from the mother's womb.I wouldn’t normally do that, in a way I feel like I’ve earned it, I passed all my classes so far, I had done all I could and all that was Asked.It’s only a few months until school ends, which mean I wouldn’t get to spend time with him, until I go to high school, which is a year away....[tags: High school, Middle school, 2004 singles, Like You] - Actually, this play chronologically set between 15s.This homonymous play published, after Williams Shakespeare’s death, in the First Folio in 1623, with other plays and sonnets written by him. According to a definition of what is the pastoral comedy, Pastoral genre is regularly, a pastoral story includes banishes from urban or court life who escapes to the shelter of the wide open, where they frequently cover themselves as shepherds so as to talk with different shepherds on an extent of built subjects, from the relative benefits of life at court versus life in the nation to the relationship between nature and symbolization....It is also remarked that pastoral life (i.e in the forest of ardenne) is more relaxed than the tensed atmosphere in the court, especially under the presence of Duke Frederick,the usurper. " - those words which are pronounced by Jaques in the play when he tells Duke Senior that he has met a fool and wants to become one. this may create laughter to the audience and also making the play more alive and interesting (not forgetting that as you like it is a long play indeed and many may find this very boring) As you like it is comedy as those plays which have happy ending and at the end when every rivallary comes to end that play is referred as cemedy.Jaques also turns some scenes into comedy, as he also wants to be a fool, he tries to attract attention on him as well as he tries to entertain (but only causing annoyment) Duke Senior and his lords. But As you like it is not only comedy but also romantic play as the entire play is wrapped with atmosphere of love and four love stories are revolving the forest of Arden.The same happens here, the conflicts raised at the begining are resolved at the end of the play.But the characters of Jaques seems to challenge the completeness of the closure achieved at the end of the comedy.From that moment, time marches on until the inevitable death occurs to take one once again from the world of the living.Life and death fascinated various playwrights and authors of the Renaissance.


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