Argumentative Essay On Should Internet Be Censored

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It doesn't matter what language you speak or where you were born.

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However, many people do not regard this argument as legit.

In their opinion there are several ways to block inappropriate content. It is quite effective and allows parents to control the content their children access online.

With that aside, I believe that such distasteful art, while being allowed to exist and be created, should remain in private.

In this case, I do believe that a sort of censorship should exist in that something that is blatantly offensive to a large number of people has no necessary reason to be displayed in public, and I believe that our local, state, and national governments do a decent job of deciding what is appropriate and what is not. I believe that censorship is more of a common sense thing, and that as long as radical leftists don’t whine about everything and radical rightist don’t try to censor everything, we can meet somewhere in the middle and everyone that wants to see distasteful art can have as much of it as they want, while still keeping it away from those who don’t.

If the Internet is censored, you are in less of a situation to learn about others and identify with similarities.

Implementing a censorship system, either small scale within a facility or large scale within a government, takes time and resources.

I don’t believe that something like a statue or a painting can have the effect over people that a 2000 page book can, or a powerful public speaker for instance.

Respond I believe that are, unlike certain literature and media, should rarely if ever be censored.

What should be the penalties for producing the art that is censored? Expand your consideration to the availability of visual images on the internet.

I believe that the patrons and the consumers are basically responsible for deciding for themselves rather to buy or view a piece of art, and therefore “censorship” isn’t necessary because it exists within the consumer.


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