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It has largely infected male homosexuals and intravenous-drug users, but about 4 percent of the cases in the United States are thought to have been trasmitted by heterosexual sex.

It has largely infected male homosexuals and intravenous-drug users, but about 4 percent of the cases in the United States are thought to have been trasmitted by heterosexual sex.Groups Support Condom Ads Most liberal Protestant groups and Reform and Conservative Jewish groups do not oppose contraception, and some have supported advertising and distribution of condoms in schools as disease preventatives. Shaw, of the bishops' conference, argued that AIDS has given condom manufacturers and family planning groups a pretext by which to gain the entry into the media they had been seeking for years.'' A spokesman for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Russell Shaw, warned that condom advertising would implicitly advocate contraception, which the church opposes, and would encourage promiscuity rather than self-discipline among the young people who may watch such programs.

Experts Fuel Interest in Condoms The reason for the new interest, almost everyone agrees, is the belief by some experts that condoms provide a helpful barrier against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Condoms, rubber sheaths named after an 18th-century physician, and made for men to use, appeared to lose favor in recent decades because of the popularity of birth-control pills, diaphragms and other devices.

In several weeks, Rutgers plans to give away 15,000 condoms.

Columbia's student-run campus grocery store has carried condoms for more than five years.

This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.

To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.The workshop teaches the students about the history of other sexually transmitted diseases as well as AIDS.Those talks are followed by discussions of safe sex and the use of condoms.'' No one has a right to pre-empt that role.'' There is no doubt that the condom, a birth-control device whose purchase became an initiation rite for generations of adolescents and remained a sometimes embarrassing drugstore encounter for many adults, has been the focus of increasing attention.At Columbia University's student health service, vending machines that dispense condoms for 50 cents apiece were installed a year ago in three of the men's and women's bathrooms.The more liberal religious point of view was dramatized last weekend when a Unitarian Universalist minister in a suburb of Buffalo distributed condoms to his congregation during worship.Schools Broaden Distribution As a result of concern over AIDS, Columbia, Princeton and Rutgers Universities have broadened efforts to distribute condoms and inform students about their use.A Manhattan art dealer, a single woman who asked not to identified, said: '' There's an American puritanism which has precluded condom advertising. Smirnoff attributed the rise to Carter-Wallace's acquiring the Trojan brand in 1985 and improving marketing and distribution. '' Contraceptive advertising would be offensive to the moral and religious beliefs of many of our viewers,'' said George Schweitzer, vice president for communication of the CBS Broadast Group.The industry as a whole, she said, sold 325 million condoms in 1986, only a 3 percent increase over 1985, and total sales were 5 million. Local stations, more sensitive to their communities' standards, are more appropriate for such advertisements, he said.Everett Koop called the condom the best safeguard, short of abstinence, against AIDS.Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which cripples the body's immune system, is spread primarily through sexual intercourse or exchanges of blood.


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