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They would rather blame everybody else than admit that it is them who created this trend and continue to pour oil on flames by constantly discussing this problem.For marketing purposes this situation is ideal, as no specific advertising is needed.Everyday a cartoon character is beat up, injured, or killed, only to return in the very next episode, good as new.

This is especially true of cartoons, toy commercials, and music videos.

Children often do not realize that it hurts to hit someone else because they see it all the time on TV.

And it is really so, although being unacceptable as for an average person.

But if people really want to , why they complain about them? People hate admitting that something bad happens due to their own fault.

They always strive to raise as much cash as it is possible, which can’t be so without attention drawn to their product and enough response.

Thus, we can conclude that the tendency of showing cruelty and violence on TV screens is in demand.Violent images on television and in movies may seem real to these children and sometimes viewing these images can even traumatize them.Despite the negative effects media violence has been known to generate, no drastic changes have been made to deal with this problem that seems to be getting worse.Unfortunately, as long as there is an extremely high public demand for violent shows and movies, the media is going to continue on the same path.And because it looks as though the "violence craze" is going to continue for some time, we need to be dependent on parents to reduce the effect that media violence has on children, which can be done in so many different ways.It increases aggressiveness and anti-social behavior, makes them less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence, and it increases their appetite for more violence in entertainment and in real life.Media violence is especially damaging to young children, age 8 and under1, because they cannot tell the difference between real life and fantasy., that for people’s psyche it is detrimental and it urges them to behave aggressively. What are the reasons of such negative programs appearing on TV screens and what is people’s true reaction to them?Let us face the reality: people don’t do anything in the world of that isn’t in demand and won’t bring them real money.Free Media Violence Essays: The Impact of Media Violence Media Argumentative Persuasive Essays The Impact of Media Violence Just sixty years ago the invention of the television was viewed as a technological curiosity with black and white ghost-like figures on a screen so small hardly anyone could see them.Today that curiosity has become a constant companion to many children. Unfortunately, violent television programs are endangering our society.


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