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Didn’t we all hear the phrase ‘learn from your mistakes’? I know I do — making mistakes isn’t exactly what I strive to do.When it comes to writing essays, I thought I had it under control until I got a C for my argumentative essay.I gotta admit that creating a thesis statement isn’t as simple as it seems — you can do it only after preliminary literature research.

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Thesis statement helped me a lot during the process of writing the essay, because I could check if every argument and fact aligns with it.

That’s how I ensured I didn’t digress from the main point.

Looking back at my writing process now I get that I never took the work seriously enough and just wrote what I could and whenever I could. My Personal Nerd said that creating a schedule for writing any essay or doing any time-consuming homework is a must — it helps organize the writing process and get the best value.

I followed this advice and created a concise schedule on my phone, marking every stage of the essay writing process — preliminary literature research, creating an outline, writing a draft, writing the final paper, and proofreading.

I followed this suggestion and discovered that it helped make my essay much more substantial, interesting, and professional.

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I could demonstrate that the topic is complex, but I was aware about all the details about it.Argumentative essay topics are often controversial, so that time I got a C, I didn’t include any examples just to avoid getting too controversial. My Personal Nerd suggested that examples help illustrate a certain viewpoint and/or demonstrate student’s understanding of how theory and practice co-exist.To get good examples, Nerd recommended turning to reputable news agencies, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes, which was exactly what I did.The topics for argumentative essays are often very self-explanatory — they are common knowledge.For instance, we all know that global warming is bad, or that Black manhood is very different from White manhood — White males aren’t demonized the same way Black males are.Creating a thesis statement is one of the most effective ways to make the essay logical and consistent, because you can alight every argument and fact to your main idea and make sure you don’t digress from it.One of the first advice that my Personal Nerd gave me was to create a solid thesis statement, because it reflects the main idea and is the core of the whole paper, however long the paper is.I found several relevant stories and used them to support my main idea that Black men and White men have completely different status in the American society.Citation style I usually have to use is MLA — seemingly easy, but I managed to make several mistakes in my failed essay.It’s important to represent different viewpoints to support your idea or prove other points of view wrong to, once again, support your idea.My Personal Nerd advised that there should be a representation of a conflict between different opinions in an argumentative essay.


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