Ankle Injury Essay

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Historically, passive range of movement (ROM) has been the most frequently utilised objective measure when studying ankle-taping effectiveness.

Lohrer et al (1999) used electromyography and goniometry methods to examine talor tilt and neuromuscular adaptation in 40 subjects.

There are three main lateral ligaments of the ankle, the anterior talofibular ligament, posterior talofibula ligament, and the calcaneofibular ligament.

Ankle Injury Essay

When the lateral ligament complex is overstretched beyond its normal mechanical means, partially torn or ruptured, the inflammatory response will be initiated (6-24 hours) with the ensuing initiation of the proliferation and maturation stages of healing (Mattacola & Dwyer 2002, Obrascous 1985).

The mechanical displacements of the joint complex were analysed before and after controlled athletic exercise.

Inversion was reduced my a mean of 50% using the ‘basket weave’ method of taping and a post exercise restriction decrease of 66% (lower values represent greater restriction).

Chronic ankle instability can be defined as the inability to control normal motion of the ankle leading to recurrent sprains or giving way (Morrison et al, 2007). Capasso et al (1989) compared non-adhesive and adhesive tape on ankle oedema.

Morrison et al (2007) studied anatomical foot and ankle characteristics associated with CAI during a systematic review and identified several mechanical predisposing factors to CAI: Greater foot width, a high longitudinal arch, greater metatarsalphalangeal joint extension, cavovarus foot deformity, subtalor joint instability and weight bearing on the lateral side of the foot during gait were all seen as risk factors. The authors found that non-adhesive tape should be replaced after three days owing to insufficient compression, however the adhesive tape could last for five days.


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