Angels In America Essay

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For example, Joe identifies himself as being a Mormon and having a strong moral sensibility.

When he realizes that he is attracted to men, which goes against the belief system of the Mormon religion, Joe is put in the tough position of denying his desires or following them.

The Angel claims that man’s migratory instinct created chaos in Heaven, which prompted God to leave and abandon his celestial creation.

The Angel of America tries to convince Prior to be prophet and to stop those living on earth from migrating, hoping that it will bring God back.

Roy is bitterly antagonistic towards homosexuals, whom he views as weak and powerless, and Joe is ashamed of himself and buys into a conservative political and legal system that marginalizes them.

In the play, every character has a fixed identity, or what they think is a fixed identity.

Through his play, the author tries to transmit the message that change is inevitable and it will happen even though society will try to stop it.

In the light of this idea, society should not try to live in an ideal past, but rather adapt to the ever-changing present.

Many of the characters do hurtful and callous things to each other,whether they intend to or not.

Betrayal, secrets, and lies are rampant; relationships and marriages fracture and harsh words are exchanged.


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