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General ‘doping’ in sports (other substances outside the realm of anabolic steroids) had also been a widespread commonplace practice.The consumption of an almost infinite number of herbs and foods supposedly thought to increase strength and athletic performance was a regular occurrence, and these herbs and foods ranged from essentially stimulants to hormones and other substances.There are also irreversible long term effects: liver tumors, jaundice and heart failure.

General ‘doping’ in sports (other substances outside the realm of anabolic steroids) had also been a widespread commonplace practice.

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In 1956, he developed Dianabol, the early derivative of testosterone. Almost 3% of all young children who compete in organized sports are using steroids (steroids). When competition isn't competition anymore because of the steroid user, players get frustrated and sports do not become fun. Millions of people watch sports contests such as baseball, basketball and football everyday. Another effect is permanently deformed bones (Sports). Two other side effects are damage to your kidneys and muscles (Sports). Steroids are legal in some sports even though they jeopardize players' health and damage sports credibility (Dark). (Dishong "Steroids" 4) Supplements create two major problems in sports and competition. Steroids should be banned in sports because of their negative effects, their creation of unfair advantages for the users, and their distorted message to young athletes. According to an online resource, two new surveys were conducted asking high school and college-age males about their perceptions of steroids' use in professional sports.

Its use soon spread among many countries throughout the world. Sports are a great part of our society and there is no need for steroids to ruin it for everyone. Drugs and sports have gone hand-in-hand for as long as winning has mattered. The ban on steroid use in sports must be continued and fortified, not only is the health of our athletes and upcoming athletes at risk, but it goes against the values of competition itself. An athlete needs to understand the spirit and the authenticity of sports. This once again, completely defeats the purpose of sports. In both surveys, about 77 percent of the young males said that they feel pressured by steroids use in professional sports. Some of them believe that if steroids are not used in sports, there will be fewer home runs, reduced ticket sales, less ad re...

Should athletes be permitted to make this choice, or should society, through official sports organizations strictly enforce the ban on performance enhancing drugs?

Athletes argue that the decision should be left to them in order to respect their individual choice.

When steroids are affiliated with sports there is a lot of pressure coming from family and coaches that steroids is sometimes unavoidable.

The truth is that anabolic steroid use in sports can actually be traced back several thousand years back, dated around 1700BC in ancient Greece.In this case side effects can also include over competitiveness, aggression and violence.Long term usage can cause depression, loss of appetite, insomnia and decreased sex drive.Contrary to their belief, sports organizations choose to ban performance-enhancing drugs because of the harmful consequences.The competitive nature of the modern sports" world, in conjunction with society's demand for excellence, has caused athletes to seek quicker alternative solutions, which results in the consumption of the drug steroids. Ads all over mass media prove that everyone around is perfect, except us.Magazines and billboards try to convince us that steroids are the best and the most effective way to gain the .The result of this was of course increases in strength and speed specific sport activities, and although these ancient athletes knew that the increase in performance and strength correlated with the consumption of bull and sheep testes, they did not understand what truly was providing them with this increased performance edge.The truth of the matter is that these athletes were ingesting massive quantities of the hormone Testosterone, contained inside the testes.Early users included mainly bodybuilders, weightlifters, and football players who relied heavily on bulk and strength for increased performance. Steroid Use in Pro Sports A Struggle for Size Athletic competition has been part of society since the early beginnings of man. Now there are all kinds of sports to choose from, and many of these sports are played at a professional level. This causes no end of confusion, because the steroid crisis currently ravaging pro sports mostly concerns one type of steroid in particular: so-called anabolic-androgenic steroids. President Bush appealed to athletes and pro sports to wipe out the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Scientists soon discovered that by altering testosterone, the side effects could be removed or significantly lessened.


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