American Revolution Research Paper

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Washington Crossing the Delaware - Washington Crossing the Delaware essays on how George Washington led the Continental army across the Delaware River in order to attack the Hessian enemy.Women in the American Revolution - Research papers on women in the American Revolution show that women played an important role in our nation’s struggle with Great Britain over independence.

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The Revolution was successful due to the convergence of geographic factors and the military policies of Great Britain, and was not a manifestation of the widespread popular desire to achieve independence and establish a totally new form of government.

State Papers Online contains digitised documents dating from 1574-1739 () British Army correspondence and miscellaneous papers in WO1 to WO 5 cover the period of the American Revolution.

These records have only basic descriptions in Discovery, but better descriptions are in Alphabetical Guide to War Office and other Military Records, available in The National Archives’ library.

General Howe - General Howe term papers discuss George Howe's military career.

American Revolution Research Paper

George Washington - George Washington research papers examine one of the most important presidents in American history.

Continental Army - Continental Army Research Papers look into the armed forces from United States that took part in the Revolutionary War.

Declaration of Independence - Declaration of Independence term papers examine the document that was created and signed to announce the 13 American Colonies declaring their freedom from England and British rule.

Battle of Trenton - Battle of Trenton essays on the brilliant surprise attack by the Continental Army, led by George Washington, which resulted in a stunning and psychologically boosting American victory.

Committee of Five - Committee of Five research papers examine the group of men charged by the Second Continental Congress with drafting the Declaration of Independence.


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