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Whether found in seventeenth-century picaresque tales of chivalry or in the nose of a World War II bomber, the anti-hero manifests the same characteristics: He is weak, unskilled, uncultured, and lacking in both valor and dignity.Billy Pilgrim is a classic anti-hero: He is a child of comical appearance who becomes a funny-looking youth.

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The Illiad is the tale of his anger and after the death of Patroklus he is particularly un heroic.

His murder of Heltor is so gruesome he even threatens to eat him himself and Hektor is a greater Hero so much that Zeus even considers changing fate just to save him.

The anti-hero, who usually appears absurdly foolish, is often the embodiment of ineptitude or bad luck.

First used to describe such post-World War II characters as Yossarian in Joseph Heller's Catch-22 (1961), earlier examples of the anti-hero can be discovered in novels as far back as Cervantes' Don Quixote (1605–15) or Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, a century later.

Instead of killing him, his mother gives him invulnerability.

Peleus gave Achilles to the centaur Chiron who took care of him and many others future heroes.Odysseus birth is disputed, some traditions tell that his mother Anticlea, was seduced by Sisyphus, king of Corinth, and that later she married Laertes, other sources tell that he was son of Laertes.Achilles conception is also unusual because he was the son of a sea nymph, which usually these are just spiritual representations of nature.Ilium is the ancient name for Troy a city of defiant, courageous warriors who lost the Trojan War; ironically, Billy is anything but a warrior.During his stint in the army, he is lost behind enemy lines with no weapon, no coat, no helmet, and no boots, a wretched figure stumbling through the snow and the cold.The potrayal of Achilles in ‘Troy’ could not be further from how Homer depicted him in the Illiad.In the ancient world where glory in battle was paramount to being a hero or ‘Kleos’ Achilles was a significant hero but he had his faults.Throughout Slaughterhouse-Five, Billy is again and again the fool who is taken advantage of.Lacking the free will to make his own choices, he is foisted into roles that highlight his anti-heroic status.Billy, lacking dignity and grace, is defined as a dumper.Arriving at the POW camp, he is once again cast as the fool.


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