6 Types Of Expository Essays

Persuasive writing can be found in: Advertising Opinion and editorial pieces Reviews Job applications The bike trail is the glittering gem of Happyville’s new infrastructure.It winds through sixty-two miles of lush landscape, dotted by clean and convenient facilities.

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From learning to create the perfect cake to learning how to build a gingerbread house – and craft essays are often perfect for this topic, anyone can write a “how to” essay or a “how to do something and become an expert with practice” kind of essay.

So think about something you love with a passion—this will make the best topic for you to write about with zeal and for your reader to read about with great interest.

The city expects construction to be complete in April 2021.

Because this paragraph supplies the reader with facts and figures about its topic, the new bike trails, without offering the author’s opinion on it, it is expository.

Made possible by a new tax levy, the bike trails are expected to help the city reach its sustainability and clean air goals while reducing traffic and congestion.

Eighteen trailheads with restrooms and picnic areas have been planned at a variety of access points.

The aim of descriptive writing is to help the reader visualize, in detail, a character, event, place, or all of these things at once.

The author might describe the scene in terms of all five senses.

I crested a small hill and coasted down the curving path until I found the source of the noise. Using both description and dialogue, the story that takes place is laid out in chronological order.

Three little girls sat in the grass by a big oak tree. Simply puzzling out which of these four types of writing best suits your purpose and adhering to it can help you write more efficiently and effectively.


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