4 Thesis Study Habits

4 Thesis Study Habits-26
He or she pays excess attention to detail and external formalities, and routinely simply does what he or she is told.The student may answer exam questions correctly, but nevertheless an overall picture is missing.

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The electronic collection includes e-zines, e-books, news archives, market research studies, dictionaries, statistical information and more.

To access these materials, follow the links on the library's web site.

Study orientation can be classified into four basic types (Lonka 1996): SHALLOW ORIENTATION is characterised by learning by memorisation at the expense of understanding.

The student who adopts this orientation often simply aims to pass rather than to genuinely learn new things.

This type of study orientation generally correlates with poor or at most mediocre performance.

DEEP ORIENTATION involves a genuine motivation to understand what is studied.There is a mail service between the libraries, which allows students to order materials from other units and check them out from their own unit library.You can get your own library card by presenting an ID card with your photo and social security number.Haaga-Helia library materials, such as books and magazines, can be browsed through the HH Finna database, from where you can check the location of the material and availability.You can also check the status of your loans and also make loan extensions through the same address. The Haaga-Helia libraries offer students access to numerous different kinds of electronic information sources, which can also be accessed remotely via the net.On the other hand, it should be remembered friendships made during one’s studies can be infinitely rewarding!PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION involves a systematic and structured approach to achieve set objectives.Haaga-Helia’s library and information services actively promote the information literacy of students.They offer students both printed and electronic information sources, and also provide information retrieval training.Students who adopt this orientation have an easier time learning both the detail and the big picture because the topics studied are placed in a meaningful context.A deep orientation fosters interest in conclusions and how they are made.


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