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The also have the misconception that they should 'get it right the first time' and that they should have every sentence perfectly crafted and grammatically correct and so forth.As a result they wait for too long before getting started, not realising that in reality they will write and re-write several times. The writing process consists of various phases involving searching for information, reading, interpretation and the answering the research question.Each institution has an acceptable style or styles for theses and dissertations and students should be thoroughly familiar with their department's acceptable style before they begin preparing their thesis/dissertation.

The also have the misconception that they should 'get it right the first time' and that they should have every sentence perfectly crafted and grammatically correct and so forth.

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Writing your thesis may be the longest piece of writing you have ever done.

Sometimes your writing will flow well and is enjoyable while on other occasions you get frustrated at not making progress.

Students often think that they must have all the information before they start writing.

In actual fact, you can start writing Chapter 2 - Review of Literature while analysing the data.

Your objective is to 'warm up' the reader to the chapter topic before 'throwing him or her to the deep end' of the chapter.

Ask yourself what your reader needs to know about the chapter.

Indicated is an estimate of the number of words per chapter based on the percentage allotted for each chapter.

The recommended spacing is double-spacing between lines.

A chapter should consist of THREE parts: You do not necessarily have to write the subheading 'Introduction' but focus on opening the chapter to attract the attention of the reader.

Your 'Introduction' to the chapter should have a 'high-impact' element designed to engage the reader to focus on the chapter and its sequence while stating the main sections.


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