2010 A Level Gp Essay Questions

How can you predict the upcoming GP essay based on the 2018 paper?

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For example, Friedman describes how climate change has seen a series of droughts and crop failures, leading to civil wars and a rise of extremism particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Take Q2 for instance, which touches on long-standing issues on the repercussions of unbridled economic growth. Those who frequent museums either locally or overseas can handle this topic better.

Candidates can bring up the issue of environmental degradation in one paragraph, and social issues like growing income inequality in another. (My observation is that sports questions tend to surface on even-numbered years perhaps because sports reflect more relevant in years when the world witnesses the FIFA World Cup or the Summer Olympics.) As usual, TWO in your society questions were offered to those who follow local news closely. (My observation is that sports questions tend to surface on even-numbered years perhaps because sports reflect more relevant in years when the world witnesses the FIFA World Cup or the Summer Olympics.) Q7 requires candidates to compare the current state of work ethics / culture in Singapore to the past. Q10 certainly reminds me of my trip to the British Museum in the UK where a lot of Greek and Roman sculptures are displayed.

In many Commonwealth countries, high school students sitting for the Cambridge G. From a dozen questions, students choose one to write an essay between 500 and 800 words in length. What mathematical knowledge should all young people have acquired by the time they leave school? 'Neither Physics nor Chemistry could have reached its present level without Mathematics.' Explain this statement, giving examples from either Physics or Chemistry. Write simply, in non-technical language as far as possible on one of the following: (a) logarithms; (b) genetic code; (c) the internal combustion engine; (d) the metric system.

'A' Level/Higher School Certificate Examination are required to sit for the "General Paper," a paper that "tests the candidate's understanding and use of English and the extent to which he has achieved a maturity of thought appropriate to sixth-form (or high-school) students in their second year."contains topics for composition on a number of disciplines, ranging from geography and history to literature and language to arts and crafts to mathematics and science.

Encouraging more students to write math essays would indirectly lead them to learn more about the story or history of mathematicshow mathematics and mathematical ideas have enriched the lives of humankind over the centuries.

In other words, how the evolution and revolution of mathematical results or breakthroughs have helped shape civilization.One wonders what percent of GP students would choose to write on these math-related themes, even if they're doing well in the subject?How many pre-university students would be confident or motivated to write an essay about the beauty, utility, or ubiquity of mathematics?Coming up with quality examples for them can be challenging.For that reason, I would personally avoid such questions. Globalisation, Technology and Climate Change are the major forces shaping our world today.Even though I won’t be attending to this blog regularly, it shall remain as a reference for those who seek ideas for tackling the subject of GP.You can download one or more papers for a previous session.Many contemporary issues have surfaced; there are certainly reference to Artificial Intelligence (Q3, Q7), and contemporary issues like terrorism (Q8) and globalisation (Q4).If you’ve read by Thomas Friedman, many of these aforementioned issues are recurring themes of the late 2010s.Q6 is reminiscent of a 2007 question (‘Mass production inevitably means a loss of craftsmanship and quality.’ Is this true in your society? In there stood a prominent message from the British Museum and it was an attempt to justify the British looting artworks from other countries.The museum admitted that the art pieces belong to other countries and were looted, but if they have been left in their countries of origin, these artefacts could have suffered worse fates: destroyed (ISIS detonating Assyrian artefacts, anyone? We covered Q11 on aid in class and in our workshops in 2018.


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