101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques

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but I didn't know this until I read through this marvellous book.I also learned some really, really useful techniques that I can apply to creatively solve problems and ultimately make a decision. One of my favorite sayings is, "Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger." Unfortunately, we don’t always get taught the best ways to solve our problems.

Between teaching a course on creative thinking at UW, and writing a book on innovation, I’ve read dozens of books on creative thinking, from handbooks, to games, to psychology literature.

Here are the four books I’d recommend as a starter library: they range in focus from handbooks to theory to history.

If you don’t attend: You may be subject to a lack of innovation and missed opportunities.

I learned early on that wishing away problems didn’t work and that it was more effective to embrace challenges as a part of life, as a chance to grow and expand myself.

This handbook examines issues of global trade from a U. standpoint, covering trade agreements, objectives, growth, balance, laws, and organizations.

Short, descriptive entries provide an adequate introduction for neophytes and students, and the lengthy annotated bibliography, while failing to list electronic sources; can be used in collection development.

The good news is, you can improve your problem solving skills by using problem solving techniques.

One of the most effective problem solving techniques to add to your problem solving skills cache is the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process, or CPS for short.

Not only for business but also for personal and relationship issues too.

This practical, easy and fun to read book describes 101 creative ways to solve problems. Problem solving is a skill that is not taught in schools but is vital to living and working with others.


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